Jan Daurio

I’ve always been sort of a gym rat, but I caught the powerlifting bug in 2013. I competed in my first meet in the summer of 2014 and that solidified my passion for the sport.
With the help of a couple of friends, we started a team in 2015 and it’s grown since then. I’ve got 11 meets under my belt now and love the feeling of competing. 
I hold a few NYS records including squat, bench, deadlift, raw total, and push-pull total in the Master’s division.


Allison Hind

I started competing in 2014. I’d been training for about a year without any specific goals, and during that year, I’d trained a lot with my brother-in-law, who was then a manager at a local gym. We have a sibling-like relationship, so I’d always try to match him in whatever we were lifting. Some of the trainers at the gym noticed this and started teasing my brother-in-law about how his sister-in-law would come in and “outlift” him. Eventually one of them said that maybe I should do a powerlifting meet. I didn’t really know exactly what powerlifting was, but I found a local meet and signed up.


NY 72kg Raw Open Bench in 3-Lift
NY 72kg Raw Open Bench Only
NY 72kg Raw Open Total in 3-Lift
NY 84kg Raw Open Bench in 3-Lift
NY 84kg Raw Open Bench Only



Frank Salvaggio

I’ve been training for many years mainly for sports performance it wasn’t until somewhere in 2014 I decided to train for powerlifting. Early on I would come to the gym and try and hit a PR daily which I feel is super common among men in gyms these days and something any good powerlifter could tell you is no good. It wasn’t until I completed my first powerlifting program that I realized that I was pretty strong and could make quicker gains with structure and by abandoning my #YOLO approach in the gym. As the gains kept rolling in and my confidence growing I started considering competing for the first time but being the competitive person that I am I wanted to see what type of competition I would be up against first. I attended my first powerlifting meet at ABC Sports & Fitness in April 2014 and I just knew it was something that I wanted to pursue. My first competition would come in Orange County 2015 where I would finish 3rd and also meet my future powerlifting teammates. Jan, Jeff, and Kevin took me into their team circle and offered me food, drinks, & even more pre workout ( JEFF). I look forward to all the future PR’s and memories with my teammates as we continue to be the best at the sport we all love.

Jared Sachs

I started lifting weights the first day of my freshman year of college which was 2006. While training at Albany Strength in 2013, I took interest in a USAPL competition they were hosting. After that first meet, I was hooked on the sport. I’ve competed in 4 meets total and was fortunate enough to set a few NYS records, most of them have been broken.
I’m happy to give back to the sport by refereeing. I took the ref test in January 2016 and I have reffed at 4 meets so far. I enjoy the interaction with all the athletes competing as well as seeing them celebrate from hitting milestone lifts.
I am an 83kg class lifter and look forward to competing at Raw Nationals 2016 in Atlanta, Georgia.

Brad Gregg

I did my first meet in 2013 and was immediately hooked. Powerlifting is unique in that we can compete against one another, but can also aim to beat our previous bests. It’s this sort of competition that keeps me focused. Over the last few years, “working out” has transformed into planned training sessions, each with a purpose. I’ve been fortunate enough to work with two fantastic coaches: Eric Helms (Team 3DMJ) and most recently, Bryce Lewis (The Strength Athlete). As much time as I give to my own training, it’s equally important to me that I give back to powerlifting. I’ve acquired my referee’s certification for the USAPL and begin judging in 2017.

Outside of the weight room, I teach K-6 music at a local elementary school and spend the winters coaching the Varsity wrestling team. I’m the pianist for the Mohawk Valley Chorus and often get involved in the musical theatre scene around the Capital Region. I live in Clifton Park with my wife, Jaclyn, and our two Corgis. That’s right. Two.

Tom Gregg

31 years year old, happily married, father of two. Tom is a lifetime natural bodybuilder and drug-free powerlifter. He began his powerlifting career in September of 2013 and has competed in nine meets since then including 2015 USAPL Raw Nations (then the largest powerlifting meet in history.) Along the way, Tom has sprinkled in five natural bodybuilding competitions. Tom continues to not only compete himself but also coach fellow aspiring powerlifters through competition meet prep and game day preparations with Natural Strength & Physique Coaching. Tom is also a NYS Referee with the USAPL.

John Scarano

John lives in Little Falls New York. He has been powerlifting for 3

years, but has been strength training for 9 years.

Best lifts, 502 Squat, 297 Bench, 530 Deadlift

Favorite lift- squat

Profession- Personal Trainer/Nutritional Consultant

Coached by Ben Esgro CEO, De Novo Nutrition

University At Albany (SUNY) Graduate

Jay Smith

I started lifting 2010, during my sophomore year of high school with my father, and my brother. My original goal was to get, and strong for football, and track season. Once football season started, our coach had the team follow a strength and conditioning program which included squat, bench, and deadlift. After a few months of training, my coach noticed that my deadlift was stronger than most of the kids on my team. Once football season ended, my coach advised me to join the school’s powerlifting club. From there I ended up deadlifting 515 at 145 body weight.

In 2014 I decided to pick powerlifting back up as a hobby, and I’m my first day back, I deadlifted 500 again, as 150 body weight. After a few training sessions with my trainer, Sebastiain Burns, he told me that I could break a few records in the 148 class. And a few months later, I broke all of the records in the 148 division. Now, my main goal is to the best 74kg lifter in the country.

Crystal Daurio

Just finished my first year in powerlifting. I’ve competed in a push/pull meet and have my first 3 lift meet in September. Still claiming all of those newbie gains.